The TLHC Mens League consists of a series of events with a season point total winner at the end.  The Initiation Fee to join the league is $50.00 All the Initiation Fee funds will be paid out at the season end according to how players place in the season points total. For each event you participate in, the cost is $10.00 which is paid to the Men’s League.  Your cost for playing golf is to be paid to the golf course in the golf shop.

The season point totals will conclude on October 9 (our last scheduled event) or the last event we are able to play.As stated, each event you choose to play in will cost only $10.  If you end up playing 4 events, you will pay the $50 initiation and then a total of $40 for the events.  A

We will also have $10 gross and $10 net skin pots.  We continue the Hole in One (HIO) pot for $1 each event.  If we have a winner for the HIO it will stop, and we will not start another HIO pot for this season.  If the pot is not won, we will draw for ten tickets that will pay $100 each.  Each time a player enters the HIO pot this season, that player will receive one entry into the drawing.  A player could win multiple times.  The additional money in that pot will go to a local charity.  We will not be having the closest to the pin contest this year.

Everyone will play the Blue tees unless you qualify to play the White or Yellow tees.  To play the White tees your age plus handicap must equal 70 or more, to play Yellow it must equal 80 or more.  Everyone will need to have a Blue Golf Handicap.  Please see Noah in the pro shop if you need a Blue Golf Handicap.  There will not be any shotgun starts, Saturday tee times will start at 8:30 and Sundays will start at noon. If an event gets rained out it will not be rescheduled.

We will have a shootout toward the end of the season that will be open to everyone.  Dates are TBD

TLHC Men’s Club Events are primarily played as net events. Events are played under the USGA Rules of Golf with notable local exceptions as allowed by the USGA. See the next page for the 2022 TLHC Men’s Club schedule. 

How To Register For Each Event

On-Line Registration:
Go to our IGA Blue Golf Page and Register for each event you want to play in.

In-Person Registration:
There are sign-up sheets inside the Golf Shop

Send A Text:
Text GREG JOHNSON & let him know you want to play that week. (317) 727-6508

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