Hole #1
The first hole really sets up the day and shows what to expect for the rest of the day. A drive that hugs the left hand side bunker is ideal and provides the shortest route the green.  Be sure on your approach to keep the ball out of the large depression on the left front of this large green.

Hole #2
A relatively short par 3 with water guarding the front and right side of the green.  Players should aim for the left portion of the green for the safest approach.

Hole #3
A tee shot up the right hand side will leave the best possible approach on this reachable par 5.  Errant approach shots will leave difficult uphill pitches to this narrow green.

Hole #4
A risk reward hole where the longer players can try to carry the bunkers on the right and drive the green.  An ideal layup would be out the left to the leave the shortest approach on this short par 4.

Hole #5
Short iron approach to the green on this downhill par 3.

Hole #6
Dogleg right par 5 and the longest hole on the course.  Players should layup to the right on their second shots to leave the best approach to this well-guarded shallow green.

Hole #7
The toughest hole on the golf course is this long dogleg left par 4.  Be sure to take enough club as to carry the deep bunker that guards the front of the green.  Par is a great score here.

Hole #8
Slight dogleg right par 4. You must find the center of the fairway here as both the left and right are guarded by bunkers.  Take notice to the downhill approach and club down to avoid going over the back of the green.

Hole #9
Another demanding par 4 has players aiming up the left towards the gazebo on the first tee.  Take notice to where the flag is located as this green is very deep.

Hole #10
A risk reward par 5 to start the back nine.  Players attempting this green in two will find a narrow green that slopes from left to right towards the water.  A great birdie opportunity to start your back nine.

Hole #11
Medium length par 3 that is guarded on the right hand side by water.  Hidden on the left is a small pot bunker, balls hit into their will find it difficult to make par.

Hole #12
One of only two holes on the course without a bunker describes this long straight away par 4.  A drive up the left hand side will leave the best approach to this wide green.  Par is a great score here.

Hole #13
The last par 5 on the course and the best birdie opportunity.  Drives up the right hand side will funnel to the left and leave for a short approach.  An extra club is needed to this elevated well-guarded green.

Hole #14
Short iron approach on this downhill par 3.  Balls hit towards the front of the green will roll off into a large collection area.

Hole #15
The 15th starts the most difficult four finishing holes around.  Water guards the entire right hand side of this medium length par 4.  Players will be left with mid to short irons to a narrow green with bunkers in front and collection areas to the right and behind.  Par is a great score here.

Hole #16
A long par 4.  Drives should be played up the right hand side to avoid the large fairway bunker.  Short left is the best place on this green.

Hole #17
An array of bunkers guards this hole from tee to green.  A drive straightway towards the second set of bunker swill leave a mid-iron approach.  Take an extra club as to avoid the bunkers guarding this elevatedgreen.

Hole #18
A demanding long par 4 finishing hole.  The longer players can fly the bunker on the left leaving a mid-iron approach. Approach shots should be hit to the correct portion of this large green.